Take a break from everyday life and enhance your state of relaxation by the burning of incense. Sencation is the latest example of the developers of Incense Sense and consists of hand-selected herbs and extracts. Aura Black, Summit K2, K2 Summit Ultra Blend and incense are also the best quality.

A special aroma will released at burning, which invites you to relax and increase your relaxation. The King Incense Blend and King B are based on specific herbs that exert a strong aroma when burned. Due to their constituents, they are particularly good for chilling out. Each incense that you order from us at our Smart Shop, is sent by registered mail. This ensures that you always have the opportunity to find out the status of your shipment. We gladly share this with your registered number.

We offer only incense without JWH and CP-47, 497th Please note that incenses are only suitable to fill with smoke in terms of indoor air improvement. It is sold exclusively to persons over 18 years. In the category Incense to find the perfect accessory to fill with smoke.

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