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If you like to relax, our incense are just the right for you. According to old recipes burn together, these Incense in an aromatic fragrance and creates a pleasant Atmosphere. Also try our bath salts and other products.

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Week's Special Monkees Monkees
Art.No.: BA-40
from 21,99 €*
Week's Special Nexus Bundle Nexus Bundle
Art.No.: SO-35
128,99 €*
Week's Special G-13 2g G-13 2g
Art.No.: SH-40
from 18,99 €*
Week's Special G-20 2g G-20 2g
Art.No.: SH-30
from 18,99 €*
Our Bargain! As long as supply lasts  BRAZIL Gold Extreme BRAZIL Gold Extreme
Art.No.: SH-80
2 Gramm
from 20,99 €*
Just arrived!
OMG Premium Incense OMG Premium Incense
Art.No.: BA-50
from 21,99 €*
Monkees Three Amigos Monkees Three Amigos
Art.No.: BA-10
from 23,99 €*
Star of Fire Star of Fire
Art.No.: NW-11
from 21,99 €*
After Dark After Dark
Art.No.: SO-30
from 21,99 €*
Bombastique Bombastique
Art.No.: BA-60
from 22,99 €*
Nexus Red Label Nexus Red Label
Art.No.: SO-40
from 27,99 €*
Monkees Monkees
Art.No.: BA-40
from 21,99 €*
PureGold PureGold
Art.No.: NW-25
26,99 €*